1. Trade Shows and Conferences and Meetings
    a. Negotiate and contract with facilities and service vendors for current and future years as requested by the Board of Directors
    b. Conduct site inspections as required for prudent management
    c. Develop and implement promotions
    d. Manage hotel, exhibit hall, decorator, speaker, and other service vendor relations
    e. Develop registration materials and program directory
    f. Handle exhibit space sales, assignments, processing of agreements and collection
    g. Handle registration processing and badge production
    h. Provide meeting planning, coordination and appropriate on-site management staff

  2. Education/Certification Program
    a. Provide seminar planning and coordination
    b. Provide certification program management and processing
    c. Arrange for speaker training as required
    d Secure speaker, solicit registrations, and implement logistics of meetings and webinars

  3. Website
    a. Provide membership database changes on an ongoing basis
    b.  Provide information on membership and association programs, as well as other information necessary to maintain website for the benefit of members on a timely basis
    c.  Receive and respond to email on a timely basis
    d.  Receive and process orders on a timely basis

  4. New Program Development
    a. Develop plans and budgets for programs approved by Board of Directors
    b. Assist in development and implementation of surveys and industry research programs as required