1. Planning
    a. Make arrangements for board meetings and strategic planning sessions
    b. Develop program procedures and project action plans
    c. Develop a preliminary annual budget for the following year

  2. Board of Directors and Committees
    Provide professional association management advice to officers, directors and committee members
    b. Prepare meeting notices and agendas for all meetings board meetings
    c. Prepare reports and meeting materials for all board meetings
    d. Make all meeting site or zoom or telephone meeting arrangements
    e. Provide required staff at board meetings
    f. Make reports and provide input at meetings
    g. Write, edit and distribute board meeting minutes
    h. Manage the election process for Officers and Directors

  3. Financial and Corporate 
    a. Manage accounts payable and issue checks
    b. Issue billings and manage accounts receivable
    c. Enter cash receipts and make bank deposits
    d. Reconcile bank statements monthly
    e. Post entries and maintain general ledger
    f. Prepare monthly financial statements, investment reports, accounts receivable aging reports and check register reports monthly
    g. Prepare and process dues renewal statements and reminders annually, or monthly, per Board direction
    h. Prepare year-end statements for current year tax returns
    i. Maintain liaison with legal counsel and with auditor if required
    j. Ensure timely tax and other filings due in current year
    k. Provide a sound fiscal cash management plan
    l. Ensure year-end financials are distributed or made available to members if required by the Bylaws.
  4. General Operations 
    a. Provide telephone reception and adequate telephone lines
    b. Supervise mailing and shipping and email operations
    c. Provide filing and clerical services
    d. Provide normal office supplies
    e. Manage inventory of materials, stationary and supplies
    f. Handle all association correspondence
    g. Provide fully-equipped headquarters office
    h. Provide files and storage for association documents, materials and records